Dean Message

د. منال بنت علي المالكي

عميدة كلية الصحة العامة
وطب المناطق الحارة 

I am pleased to welcome you to the College of Public Health and Tropical Medicine at Jazan University, wishing you a pleasant and useful time browsing our college's website.


The College of Public Health and Tropical Medicine is one of the newest colleges at the University of Jazan in terms of its origin, where it was established in 2012. Despite the novelty of the college, it has achieved excellence in its academic programs, research output and community services provided to the locals, which reflects its ambitious strategic plan to lead in these fields at the local and regional levels as well as the support it has received from the Saudi governors and top leaders of Jazan University by providing our college with various facilities and educational and laboratory equipments of high quality.


We, at the College of Public Health and Tropical Medicine, believe that knowledge investment in human resources is an essential requirement to build a knowledge economy based society under the Vision 2030, AFAQ the future plan for university education in the Kingdom, and the vision of Jazan University. We also believe in the quality of the programs offered by the college, and the need for the outputs of these programs to achieve the vision of the future of our Kingdom, and the national and digital transformation programs in the health sector.


The college was keen to advance the scientific, technical and professional practice in the field of Public Health and Tropical Medicine by offering several academic programs that are delivered by lecturers with the highest level of competence. The college offers a bachelor's degree in Health Informatics, a bachelor's degree in Epidemiology, a bachelor's degree in Health Education and Promotion, and is in the process of developing some other programs such as the master's program in Tropical Medicine and the master's program in Maternal and Child Health. Our undergraduate programs are accredited by the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties, and work is underway to obtain program accreditation from the National Center for Academic Evaluation and Accreditation (NCAAA).


The curriculum within the college's programs provide a combination of problem-based knowledge, skills and values to deliver an education that is based on evidence-based science and practices, and to acquire this knowledge and skills related to the areas of Public Health and Tropical Medicine. In addition, the training program (Internship) culminates the educational outcomes for the students of the college by providing them with the opportunity for a comprehensive 0ne-year training in various health settings such as medical cities, hospitals and centers affiliated with the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of National Guard as well as private health facilities inside and outside the Jazan region.


Besides educational activities, the college of Public Health and Tropical Medicine focuses on developing skills and values for male and female students outside the classroom. The college has made tireless efforts in the field of extra-curricular activities and won awards for Excellence at the level of Jazan University. At the college, we recognize the essential role of these activities in the development of students’ experience; building their personalities; self-confidence; and participation in decision-making, making and organizing activities, all of which contribute to the development of life and leadership skills and qualify them for the current labor market and/or future higher studies.


On the community service side, the college is keen to touch the needs of the community, build close relationships and effective partnerships with public and private institutions to serve the community within the framework of planning and organization between the various community activities within the college and various governmental and private community institutions, and deepen the college's communication with its community by enhancing its role in the field of Public Health and Tropical Medicine while providing research consultations in the light of its unique specialities.


In terms of scientific research, the College of Public Health and Tropical Medicine deals with several aspects, most notably: Epidemiology and Tropical Medicine, virtual care and digital health, healthy communities, preventive care, and health education and promotion. These are priority aspects and are consistent with the research directions of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the National Transformation programs in the health sector system. The college is also keen to strengthen the infrastructure of scientific research, develop research participation and innovation, and maximize the use of research resources and training available at the college and Jazan University.

The college is also keen on the continuous development of human resources and upskilling the faculty members, technicians and administrators by providing them with training courses and customized workshops. It is also interested in attracting distinguished health cadres with scientific and research competence, and providing them with support to serve the educational process and research production, and offer them with scholarship opportunities to develop their knowledge and skills.


In conclusion, sincere thanks and gratitude to all those who contributed to the establishment of this college and sought to develop it. We will continue the march to achieve the vision and mission of the College, which dictates our loyalty and dedication and fill us with great pride to be one of the staff of this promising and leading college. I ask Allah the Almighty to help us all to do our duty in the manner that satisfies Allah about us.


Dr. Manal Ali almalki

Dean of the College of Public Health and Tropical Medicine