Innovation and Entrepreneurship Unit

Vision :

   Education and training in innovation and entrepreneurship

Mission :

Spread the culture of innovation and entrepreneurship in the college’s community in particular and the local community in general, and contribute to preparing a distinguished generation of entrepreneurs.


  •  Developing the national knowledge economy by supporting and encouraging students and graduates of the college to establish facilities based on scientific foundations with high competencies that contribute to enhancing their competitiveness
  •  Creating job opportunities by motivating college graduates and students to establish nascent companies and commercial establishments from within the university
  •  Promoting the principle of partnership with the private and public sectors to contribute to transforming knowledge into projects compatible with the labor market
  •  Supporting the university’s policy of investing in the knowledge industry, technology transfer and indigenization
  •  Facilitating and supporting the steps of registering patents locally and internationally
  •  Contribute to financing prototypes of nascent and emerging innovations
  •  Supporting investment in the innovations of male and female students, college graduates and faculty members 


Head of The Unit :

Dr. Hamzah Adam