About the Department

Epidemiology as one of the most important components of public health is the science concerned with studying the frequency, distribution, The determinants of human diseases are in its societal forms … whether it is societies or the population Functionalities such as factories, armies, schools, etc. The program provides learners with the necessary knowledge On prevalent as well as chronic communicable diseases of priority in the local and regional context In addition to the demography of the population, and details of the patterns and efficiency of existing health systems                Read more


Outstanding teaching, research and community services in the field of Epidemiology on National level


Epidemiology program is committed to provide quality based academic education, research and innovative community services with in the spirit of professional ethics, responsibility and collaboration.

Program Goals

-To graduate competent public health specialists to serve in different epidemiology disciplines.

– To foster multidisciplinary scientific research with academic institutions and Ministry of Health, with emphasis on the prevailing tropical diseases.

– To cultivate strong work ethics, team work and responsibility towards lifelong personal and community development.

– To promote community services among students, staff members and others.

– To participate in upgrading epidemiology practices through consultancy services and continuous training programs.







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