Confirmation of Jazan University’s keenness to implement the directives of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques to enable male and female students in all regions and governorates of the Kingdom to obtain university education opportunities within the framework of the educational renaissance in the Kingdom, and based on the powers delegated by law to the designated university director and based on the decision of the Higher Education Council approving Upon the establishment of the University College at Abu Arish campus, a decision was issued to open three departments in the college in the following specializations:
• Medical Nutrition
• Computer Information Systems
• Marketing and E-commerce
Consequently, the University College was opened at the Abu Arish Campus for Girls, and female students were admitted to the University College in Abu Arish at the beginning of the academic year 1435-1436 AH with the provision of all the special needs necessary for the educational process of equipment and halls such as medical sciences laboratories for teaching chemistry, physics and biology subjects Computer laboratories, glass and smart classrooms, and a digital library to provide educational resources for the departments. Faculty members in the required specializations have also been provided.

College Vision

Raising the level of departments and local and global leadership in building a knowledge society and their innovative research in cooperation with the main colleges to achieve the common mission in the academic field, research, innovation, community service, and professions related to information technology and security, clinical nutrition, marketing and e-commerce.

College tasks

1. Achieving academic excellence
* improving teaching and learning outcomes and raising the quality level of academic programs in the college.
* Recruiting qualified faculty members
* Using technology to expand and support learning opportunities.
* upgrading the infrastructure.

Electronic Services


Department of Information Technology and Security

physics department

Department of Clinical Nutrition

Department of Marketing and E-Commerce