Alumni Affairs Unit


That this unit be the link between the college and its graduates from the majors


 Offering the best services in a way that lives up to the new relationship between the college and its graduate students from various disciplines.


  • Communication between the college and its alumni on the one hand, and the alumni among themselves on the other.
  • Creating an integrated database for all college graduates with the College Agency for Development
  • Preparing and executing periodic questionnaires on the performance of graduates and sharing them with the various departments and agencies of the college if needed.
  • Interest in holding meetings to introduce the unit and its activities in support of the spirit of communication between the college and its graduate students.
  •  Work on direct communication through various means of communication to complete the graduate's college


  •  Preparing and distributing the graduate data form to the students of the final band and graduates of the college and all majors, and compiling it in the database
  •  Settings files of graduates, data and data to measure the satisfaction of graduates with the services provided by the college, unpacking and displaying them in a session report for discussion
  • Creating a database for the graduate follow-up unit and placing it on the college's electronic portal.
  •  Conducting a special meeting with the final year students of the college with the unit officials to clarify the importance of the unit and its role in linking the college graduates to the labor market.
  •  A field study and means of communication to contact employers and the extent of the need for college graduates.
  •  Inviting graduates to college events and continuous development programs.
  •  Holding a day for graduates annually.