Student Counseling Unit



Excellence and leadership of the Student Guidance Unit at the College of Public Health and Tropical Medicine at the level of Jazan University, in order to develop and develop guidance of all kinds to support male and female students and their creative skills.


The comprehensiveness of the services provided by the Student Guidance Unit, the operating programs in the first place, and it works at the post-graduation stage without obstacles.



  •  Helping students understand their abilities and skills, define their goals, and then develop a plan commensurate with these abilities and skills so that they can achieve their academic and professional goals.
  •  Encouraging new and regular students to integrate into the university environment and its activities and events so that they have a successful university experience that will reflect positively on their social and professional experiences.
  •  Motivating the student to raise the level of his academic achievement, follow up on his progress, and help him solve problems that may hinder this.
  •  Presenting the executive regulations, policies and academic regulations adopted by the university that the student needs in his academic career in a clear  and simplified manner.
  •  Activating various aspects of counseling, such as: academic counseling, social and psychological counseling, health counseling, and career counseling.
  •  Digitize all unit transactions in order to facilitate data governance and seek to develop the services provided. 



  •  Supervising the progress of the academic advising process in the college according to the approved mechanisms
  •  The academic advising coordinators in the programs hand over the list of new students and assign them to distribute the students to the faculty members in the program.
  • Holding periodic meetings with students to inform them of the importance of referring to the university’s regulations during their academic career and the need for them to communicate with their academic advisor. These meetings include:
  • Introducing students to the course of each major and its approved academic hours
  • A statement of the entities and jobs that they can work in after their graduation.
  • Providing general advice on how to pass the university stage with distinction.
  • Organizing a regular meeting with the academic advising coordinators to follow up on the progress of the counseling process in the programs
  • Receiving academic guidance reports from program coordinators, studying opinions on developing the counseling process in the college, and coordinating with the College’s Deanship for Academic Affairs in addressing counseling obstacles.
  • A survey of students’ opinions on the effectiveness of psychological and academic counseling and the treatment of relevant indicators. 


Head of the Student Counseling Unit: 
Hanan Maimani