About the college

The College of Business Administration was established after submitting a recommendation from the University Council to the Higher Education Council in its forty-ninth session dated 2/4/1429 AH, Resolution No. (24/49/1429 AH). The judge approves the establishment of the college at the university and includes the following departments: Business Administration. Finance and Banking, Management Information Systems, Marketing and E-Commerce, Accounting.

College Vision

To make the College of Business Administration at Jazan University a center of excellence in education, scientific research, and community service at the local and global levels.

College tasks

• Preparing professional human cadres qualified with modern administrative sciences that make them an added value in management and business.
• Studying local and global challenges in the field of management and business and finding scientific solutions
• Providing high quality training and advisory services to the local community.

electronic services

College departments

Department of Business Administration

Department of Marketing and E-Commerce

Department of Finance and Banking

Accounting Department

Department of Management Information Systems


Jazan University introduces Tourism Management specialization and moves it to College of Business Administration His Excellency the President of Jazan University, Prof. Dr. Mar’ei bin Hussein Al-Qahtani, approved the recommendation of the University Council to transfer the tourism management specialization from the Faculty of Arts and Humanities to the College of Business Administration For his...

27 Thul-Hijjah 1441



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