Quality and Academic Accreditation Unit


Achieving quality standards and academic accreditation


Implementing quality processes in the college and contributing with academic departments and other administrative units to qualify the programs of the College of Public Health and Tropical Medicine to achieve quality standards such as the standards of the National Commission for Academic Accreditation and Evaluation


  • The first objective: Promote the concept of quality and spread its culture at the college level
  • The second objective: to continuously ensure the quality and efficiency of the general administrative system, quality management systems and the efficiency of the college’s operational plans
  • The third objective: to ensure that decision-making and decision-making processes depend on correct and accurate data and information.
  • Fourth Objective: Ensure that all inputs and outputs for quality assurance processes have been measured and evaluated.
  • Fifth objective: to ensure that all program quality file operations are documented.
  • Sixth goal: Qualifying the college to obtain academic accreditation


  • Supporting strategic planning, and making it a method for thinking and planning in all fields of work in the various departments and administrative units.
  • Integration of quality in all educational and administrative activities of the college (inputs, operations, outputs and outputs), in the long term, so that quality becomes an integral
  • part of these activities.Spreading the culture of quality at the level of programs, units and faculty (faculty, administrators and technicians). And placing quality education among the college’s priorities.
  • Developing the skills of faculty members to transform from teaching processes to learning processes.
  • Participation of students in planning and evaluation of academic courses, scientific programs, cultural and social activities.

 Head of Quality and Academic Accreditation Unit :

Dr. Eihab elamini