About the College

The study began at the college in the first semester of the academic year (1431-1432 AH) with the establishment of the Department of Interior Design, then the opening of the Department of Applied Arts and Architecture in the academic year (1432-1433 AH). The (3) Academic programs that are being run at the college and are compatible with local and global changes, the needs of the labor market, and the requirements of scientific and technological development, are as follows:
• Interior Design Program
• Applied Arts Program
• Architecture Program


College Vision

Leadership and excellence in academic training and scientific research in the field of creative disciplines related to architecture and design at the national, regional and international levels.

College tasks

Preparing leadership competencies, by adopting a special academic methodology, by preparing graduates who are able to innovate in the various fields of design, with the application of quality standards for university education within the framework of an effective community partnership and the promotion of scientific research.

الخدمات الإلكترونية


Interior Design


Applied Arts