About the Department

Health education and promotion department has a positive impact on the behavior of individuals and societies and helps to prevent diseases by spreading health awareness, advocacy, gaining support for health issues, and helping people to adopt healthy behaviors. It also helps people with disabilities, chronic patients, and their families to adapt and coexist with disease or disabilities by teaching them new lifestyles. . Therefore, the mission of the health education program starts with preparing qualified and trained cadres in the field of health promotion and patient education in order to improve community health and achieve a better quality of life for all its segments. The program is keen to provide its graduates with the knowledge, capabilities, and skills that qualify them to work as specialists in this field, through continuous updating of academic curricula and intensifying practical training in various field fields of health education and promotion.

Excellence and leadership in the educational, research and community aspect of Health Education and Promotion to contribute to the development of the local and regional community.

To provide students with the essential knowledge and skills that enable them to practice health education and promotion.

2. To expose students to various health educational and counseling strategies to become lifelong learners.

3. To equip students with the appropriate health educational strategies for planning and conducting health education programs in an effective and ethical manner.

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