Vice Deanship for Development

About the Vice Dean of Development

The agency of the college for development and quality is concerned with the developmental aspect, working with the departments in creating the appropriate environment for the development of human resources, and spreading the concept of quality and innovation in accordance with the highest national standards; it is one of the key agencies in the organizational structure of the College, which crystallizes all projects for the development of the college and the educational and research process, and ensuring its good conduct to achieve the best outputs.


Tasks of the Vice Dean for Development:

  • Promoting and disseminating quality culture in the college.
  • Following up the work of the units affiliated to the development and application of quality standards.
  • Supervising the application of quality programs, prepare strategic plans, and follow-up of achievement.
  • Carrying out evaluation and academic accreditation programs.
  • Supervising the development programs for faculty members and supporting academic staff.
  • Determining the needs of the College of faculty members and work to provide them in coordination with the agency of academic affairs.
  • Working on the preparation of annual reports of the college.
  • Supervising the Coordination of the college website, and updating its data regarding the work of the college and departments.
  • Working on the implementation of the tasks delegated by the college council or the dean.
  • Submitting annual reports to the Dean on the progress of work in the units affiliated to it, and the difficulties faced, and suggestions to overcome them.



To contact the Vice Dean for Development:

Dr. Abdul-Rahman Mohammed Jabour