E-Learning Unit


 Creating effective and distinguished environments for E-learning and information technology 

Mission :

  Spreading the E-learning culture and its applications by providing trained cadres capable of effecting the desired digital transformation within college, to provide an effective and creative Electronic Learning environment

Objectives :

  •  Spreading the e-learning culture at Jazan University.
  •  Preparing specialized cadres of faculty members in the field of e-learning.
  •  Developing the capabilities of faculty members to make optimal use of e-learning tools and applications
  •  Providing technical and technical support for e-learning to students and faculty members.
  •  Providing a cartoonish environment that stimulates learning and supports performance.
  •  Continuous evaluation of the reality of e-learning in various colleges and suggesting plans for improvement.
  •  Developing a plan for electronic and digital transformation in cooperation with the scientific departments within the colleges.
  •  Strengthening community partnerships in the field of e-learning with various colleges and the external community.



Responsibilities :

  •  Spreading the culture of e-learning within the college in light of the university’s e-learning plan
  •  Providing training courses for students to enable them to use the approved e-learning system tools and applications.
  •  Providing training courses for faculty members in the college on the use of e-learning management system tools and applications.
  •  Providing technical and technical support to students and faculty members regarding e-learning and its problems.
  •  Contribute to activating and selecting appropriate e-learning strategies for teaching courses within colleges according to their nature and specialization.
  • Raising awareness of university employees about the importance of preserving technical and technical equipment and how to deal with them.
  •  Continuous evaluation of the reality of e-learning in various colleges.
  •  Evaluating performance in light of the plan of activities, and studying the reality of e-learning within the college.
  •  Documenting all activities, events and periodic meetings of the unit, and informing the media about them on the college and deanship website.
  • Submit reports on the level of performance, the reality of e-learning, and the necessary needs within the college to the Deanship.



Head of The E- Learning Unit :