By the end of the year 1436 AH, the total number of University students exceeded (56,000). The number of faculty members and those with equivalent status until the beginning of the year (1436 AH) reached about (2,500) members. A large site was designated for the University City, with an area of ​​(9,000,000) square meters on the Red Sea coast north of Jizan, and the foundation stone was laid by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud – may God have mercy on him – on 10/14/1427 AH, corresponding to (11/15/2006). Till now a number of projects have been completed, others are nearing completion, and many projects are still under implementation.

Jazan University was established as per the Royal Decree No. (6616 /M/B) issued on 12/5/1426 AH corresponding to 19/6/2005. The colleges: (Medicine, Engineering, Computer Science and Information Systems, and Community) constituted the nucleus of the University, then included the Teachers College, which was established in 1401AH (1981), and the Education Colleges for Girls established in 1412 AH, corresponding to (1992). Then other colleges were added to it that continue to be established; So that, by the end of the year 1435 AH corresponding to (2014), the number of its colleges reached (23). In addition, four Vice Presidencies have been established in the University, nine deanships, eight institutes, centers and supporting units.