Academic Advising

The primary purpose of CAIT’s Academic Advising (AAU/CAIT) to assist students in the achievement of learning outcomes and educational plans that had been set. The ultimate responsibility for making decisions about educational life relies, of course, on each individual student.

The academic advisor can help students realize their maximum educational potential by helping them identify and assess alternatives and consequences of decisions. This can be accomplished through communication and information exchanges with the advisor.

Academic Advising plays a crucial role in CAIT, it empowers students to take ownership of their education, beginning with their arrival and continuing through their three years at CAIT. Students are assigned a an adviser who will help orient them to the educational opportunities at CAIT and facilitate thoughtful planning in their educational life (coursework, research, and learning opportunities) on and off campus to finish their pathway towards graduation.

Forms and Surveys

Duty of

Form Title


Academic Advisor Coordinator Form of Academic Advising Event for Faculty Members (Faculty Attendance) JU39-04-04-06/01
Academic Advisor Check List of Understanding Orientation Information JU39-04-04-06/02
Academic Advisor Student Counselling Meeting JU39-04-04-06/03
Academic Advisor Coordinator Student Exceptional Case JU39-04-04-06/04
Academic Advisor Second Check List – Student Progression JU39-04-04-06/05
HoD Student Attendance for Departmental Event JU39-04-04-06/06
Academic Advisor Coordinator Questionnaire on Advisor/student Meeting JU39-04-04-06/07
HoD Student’s Semester Status JU39-04-04-06/08
Academic Advisor Coordinator Individual Student’s Status
Academic Advisor Coordinator Statistical Form JU39-04-04-06/10
Student Program Major Selection JU39-05-01-02/01