Final Exams
Administration of Exam Policy
JU39-04-05-01 - Policy
Administration of Exam Procedure
JU39-04-05-01 - Procedure
Final Exam Policy
JU39-04-05-02 - Policy
Final Exam Procedure
JU39-04-05-02 - Procedure

Exam Instructions

  • Two invigilators must arrive at least 15 minutes before the start of the exam, and prepare the exam room in terms of:
    (1) write the name of the test,
    (2) The start and end time of the test,
    (3) Ensure that seats are at appropriate distances to prevent all possible types of cheating. When any observer is late or not present, the Warden is informed to take the necessary action.
  • Use of mobile phones are completely prohibited, and placing all books and references in their designated places.
  • The Warden distributes the attendance list of the students. The invigilators monitor the students' signature and verify the students' ID.
  • Any student without a national ID or JU ID must sign the Student ID Undertaking Form JU39-04-05-02/03
  • The invigilators distribute the test papers at least 5 minutes before the start of the test.
  • The course coordinator can only attend once, after leaving no further questions are allowed.
  • When a student goes out of the examination room, he must leave all his belongings, and one of the invigilators accompanies him.
  • A late student may enter the test, no later than 30 minutes. A dean may allow late student to enter the examination room provided that half the time allotted for the test has not passed.
  • No student can leave the examination hall unless half the time allotted for the test has already passed.
  • In cases of cheating, a first warning is given to the student. When he repeats the cheat, the invigilator write a “cheater” on the answer sheet. The Exam Supervisor (Warden) accompanies the student out of the examination hall and makes the necessary minutes using the Exam Rule Violation Form JU39-04-05-02/02.

Exam Schedule

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Forms and Surveys


Form Title

JU39-04-05-02/01 Student Absence Form for Final Exam
نموذج اغياب الطالب عن الاختبار النهائي
JU39-04-05-02/02 Exam Regulation Infringement Form
نموذج انتهاك قواعد الاختبار
JU39-04-05-02/03 Declaration Form to Bring Student ID
نموذج تعهد بإحضار البطاقة الجامعية
JU39-05-01-02/01 Program Major Selection Form
نموذج اختيار التخصص
JU39-04-05-01/01 Exam Paper Format Template
نموذج شكل ورقة الاختبار النهائي
JU39-04-05-01/02 Examination Papers Envelop Template
نموذج لظرف الاختبار
JU39-04-05-01/03 Receipt of Exam Envelope by Examination Committee
نموذج استلام أوراق الاختبار من أستاذ المقرر بواسطة لجنة الاختبار
JU39-04-05-01/04 Invigilators Attendance
نموذج حضور المراقبين
JU39-04-05-01/05 Release of Examination Papers to the Examiner
نموذج تسليم أوراق الاختبار لأستاذ المقرر
JU39-05-01-03/01 Final Course Results Notification Form
نموذج الاخطار النهائي بنتائج مقرر