Graduation Project

Graduation Project

Final Year Project (FYP) is a compulsory final semester course which students of CAIT must take at the end of their Academic Program to complete the requirements of their degree “Graduate Diploma”. The concept of FYP emphasizes practical work more than theoretical studies; this is why it is introduced in many technical programs in many colleges. FYP is an opportunity for final semester technical students to demonstrate their capabilities in applying the knowledge acquired during their academic program. It enables the students to experience similar and/or real situation on how projects are carried out in the industry.

Final Year Project (FYP) Outcomes

  1. Survey similar projects/products regarding functionability, applicability, cost, engineering standards, industrial safety, environmental legislation, etc.
  2. Create a final product with functioning by applying the principles of engineering technology and sense judgments.
  3. Write a report according to predetermined guidelines. كتابة تقريرًا وفقًا لإرشادات محددة مسبقًا
  4. Perform an oral presentation to convey, in a limited time, all about the project aspects.
  5. Establish priorities with managing deadlines for self and others.
  6. Capture essential information from multiple sources of information.

Requirements and Eligibility

The following criteria should for students who undergo Final Year Project (FYP):

  1. The student should accomplish at least 72 credit units.
  2. The student should pass Technical Report Writing course (295ENG) and Industrial safety and Environment course (213MMET).

Student’s Responsibility

  1. No more than 25% absenteeism during FYP period. The student will be considered denied “DN” and he will be banned to attend the final presentation of the FYP.
  2. Follow the rules and regulations, and adhere to the occupational safety rules applied to the workshops.
  3. Prepare a comprehensive report using Microsoft Word® to be submitted at the end of the Final Year Project (FYP).
  4. Prepare and perform an oral presentation regarding the FYP using Microsoft PowerPoint® for discussion with the formed committee of evaluators.
  5. Poster 70 cm x 100 cm.
  6. Folded up summarizes the project

Forms and Surveys

Form Form Title Duty of
Project Report Template   Student & Project Instructor & HoD
Project CLOs Survey   Student & Project Instructor
PLOs Survey   Student & Project Coordinator
PES (Program Evaluation Survey)   Student & Project Coordinator
JU39-05-01-05/01 Financial Support Request Project Instructor & HoD
JU39-05-01-05/02 Project Proposal Project Instructor & HoD
JU39-05-01-05/03 Evaluation Form Project Instructor & Examination Committee & Project Coordinator
JU39-05-01-05/04 Rubrics for Project Report Examination Committee
JU39-05-01-05/05 Rubrics for Oral Presentation Examination Committee