About the department


The department was established in 2016 to achieve the vision and mission of the College. It plays an important role in electric power generation, companies of electrical distribution and heavy industries of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The objectives of the department are also consistent with the overall objectives of the college in terms of:
1. Equip the students with the necessary skills and technical knowledge to work with a high degree of professionalism in the field of electrical engineering technology. 
2. Imbue in the students a scientific approach to critical thinking, better cooperation in teamwork, and good communication with peers and other
3. Enable students to apply academic knowledge to solve technical problems in the area of electrical engineering technology
4. Inspire confidence in the students, and encourage a sense of social responsibility, good behavior, moral values, and professionalism
5. Prepare students who have the ability to develop and to continue in their education. 
6. Achieve an integrated educational system and set up multiple paths of academic programs, which respond to national needs and to the local labor market.

Strategic Plan 2021 - 2025

Electrical Power Engineering Technology (EPET) Program

Exit Exam

Department Vision
National leadership in the field of technical education in Electrical Engineering.

Department Mission
To service the industrial needs of Jazan and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with well-qualified Electrical Engineering Technology graduates, through the provision of high-quality technical programs and strategic partnerships.

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