Teaching Facilities

Classroom Supplies

In our department, main campus (Boy & Girl) as well as Samtah branch several classrooms are available for teaching. Each classroom is fitted with a white board, an overhead projector, writing pens and dusters. and other classroom supplies are available from the academic departments. Also, there are several general classrooms in the college are available for general purposes to all departments. Also, there are several study open places in all floors, computer rooms, Sports activities Room, Cafeteria, and theater.

Facilities and equipment available at the college of Science (1441/1442 H)

Textbooks and Course Materials

Wherever necessary, a scheduled course has a designated textbook, which has been adopted by the department. As all students registered in a course will have a copy of this book, an instructor may freely refer to the textbook as and when necessary. The adoption of a textbook does not restrict the instructor to use this book exclusively in his teaching and therefore he may freely adopt other references to supplement teaching material, which may include his own prepared lecture notes.

Where there is no designated textbook, an instructor must rely on his own collection of materials and whenever necessary and appropriate, he should distribute the course materials to the students in his class. An instructor can propose a new textbook, either as a replacement for an existing one or as a new addition for a course where there is no designated textbook, by following the University`s procedure, which requires approval of the department, the college, and the University.

Teaching Laboratories

Multiple teaching laboratories serve students in all areas of chemistry, including introductory courses and courses in organic, inorganic, physical, analytical, and biochemistry. Our teaching labs are equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentation that students use regularly. 

Equipment & Instrumentation

Department provide Labs with all necessary equipment, tools, safety aids and chemicals for undergraduate study. We have excellent UV-absorption, modern atomic absorption, GC-MS, FTIR, flam photometer, and HPLC instruments … etc.


In the 2nd floor, the college library is there, this library contains books in sufficient number for all student in the college including chemistry students. Also, the central library in the university student may use beside the digital library of Saudi Arabia all students use their ID to enter its site. https://www.jazanu.edu.sa/en/sdluserguid