Admissions and Graduates Requirements

Saudi Universities Act no. (M/8)/ 1414) (2685/23) in 1994, rules the entry requirements for the Bachelor’s degree. According to the KSA Universities Act, the board of the university decides the number of new students to be selected each year. Rector decides annually the selection process and basis of the selection criteria of the prospective students after hearing the opinion of the faculties.

In practice, students selected into the Bachelor’s program for KSA secondary school examination graduates is mainly organized by a joint universities application system.

Prospective students applying in the Bachelor’s degree in universities are:

An applicant for admission to an undergraduate program at Jazan University (JU) must satisfy the following conditions:

  1. Student should have earned the high school certificate, or its equivalent from inside or outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and majored in natural or technological sciences.
  2. Student should receive the general secondary certificate during the last five years. The University council may abolish this condition if there are convincing reasons.
  3. Student should have taken entrance exam that consists of capabilities and eligibility exam by the National Center for Assessment in Higher Education.
  • The capabilities exam has two components: Linguistics and Chemistry. The test is aimed at determining the general capabilities of students in the two areas mentioned above.
  • The eligibility exam is a multiple-choice test given in five subjects, i.e., Chemistry, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English. The objective of this examination is to evaluate the student's knowledge and ability in English and Science.
  1. Student must have a record of good conduct.
  2. Student must successfully pass any test or interview required by university council.
  3. Student must be physically fit and healthy.
  4. An employed prospective student should have a written permission from his employer.
  5. Student must satisfy any other conditions the University may deem necessary at the time of application.
  6. The student must submit the required documents with the University within a specified period.
  7. The students dismissed from any other University for disciplinary or academic reasons. If it becomes clear after his admission that he has been previously dismissed from another University, his acceptance shall be deemed cancelled from the day of his admission.
  8. Student may be dismissed from the University for Academic reasons enrolled in some programs that do not award a Bachelor's Degree, the University Council can decide, or whatever delegates. This may not be complete the program.
  9. Neither the student dismissed from the University for those who had already earned a Bachelor's Degree or its equivalent for another Bachelor's Degree. University Rector has the right to exceptions.
  10. A registered student in another University degree or less shall not accept, either in the same University or another.
  11. Upon primary online nomination, applicant will see three options:(Accept and Confirm) Pressing this option means that the applicant is accepting the offered primary nomination and confirms it as final acceptance without any competition for other specialty in case seats are available. (Accept and Upgrade) Pressing this option means that the applicant is accepting the offered primary nomination with and authorizes the university to upgrade their admission to another program if a seat becomes available. (Withdraw) Pressing this option means that the applicant does not accept the offered primary nomination. This is considered a final withdrawal and a withdrawal form can then be printed online.
  12. Not confirming primary nomination within the allowed time means that the applicant does not wish to join Jazan University. This will cause the applicant to lose their right to admission and as will as their access to their online account.
  13. At the end of acceptance process applicant's state online is changed to (primarily accepted) or (finally accepted) and receives college, specialty, and student number online.
  14. An applicant can withdraw after receiving student number by printing a Withdrawal form (a Clearance form) online. In this case the current admission will be terminated and the applicant will be eligible for admission after two academic years.
  15. Accepted students should complete the final acceptance procedure by making reservation for issuing University Student card.

Having met these conditions, the final admission becomes confirmed  

Required Score for Admission are as follows:

  • The Qualifying Score, calculated as follows, 30 % of high school score + 30 % of General Skills Test (Qiyas) score + 40 % of The Achievement Test (Tahsili) score
  • The Grade Point Ratio score, calculated as follows, 40 % of high school score + 60 % of General Skills Test (Qiyas) score.

To join the Bachelor of Science in Chemistry Program, an applicant must hold a Saudi High School Certificate Science Section (or its equivalent), with grade 70% for either boy or girl students.