Achievements of Chemistry Department during the academic year 1443H

Department of Chemistry achieved during this year a number of awards at the level of students and faculty members, including:

Student Activities:





College football championship for students

2nd place


The Holy Quran and Prophetic Hadith Competition

1st place


College internal cultural competition

3rd place


Second Olympiad in Chemistry

1st place


Perfect student competition

1st place


Faculty members:

  • Patent: Dr. Muhammad Dhafer Atif, in partnership with Dr. Zakka Islam Mujahid (Department of Physics), obtained a patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office, where we were able to develop a method and device for generating plasma using an electrical insulator or electrode with specific and regular patterns and shapes; One of the most important applications of this innovation is to contribute to addressing air pollution problems. The plasma device, which was developed and practically tested in the university laboratories, succeeded in breaking down air pollutants, as it uses an electrical insulator in the form of a hemisphere in a regular arrangement to produce a number of small plasmas in regular locations, and that this design generates low-temperature plasma with a higher production of free radicals compared to plasma One of the same amount, which contributes to increasing the effectiveness of this technology in eliminating pollutants.
  • 2% of scientists: Dr. Amin Ali Abu Hashem is included among the 2% of the most distinguished and influential scientists in the world, according to the classification of Stanford University in the United States.