Other Facilities

Information Technology

The Deanship of e-learning and distance education in the Jazan University is responsible to provide integrated administrative and educational e-services for all stakeholders at the university. These customized services are provided for the teaching Staff, Students and employees of the university through the University website and mobile applications that can be accessed with a dedicated ID and password.

Facilities and equipment available at the college


Students Campus Facilities

The Department ensures all necessary and sufficient Equipment for all stakeholders in the department.

Some general facilities are provided by the college of science such as cafeteria, Mosque, book store, library, gym and indoor games for exertion. The VPN network and Wi-Fi internet is available for all employees and students in the faculty of science building. These facilities are comparable with other faculty program at any university inside the Kingdom.

Also, Medical facilities is available; Inside each Lab and other places, a first aid boxes are available for emergence. in the college, we have a medical room. University Hospital is also available, https://goo.gl/maps/yAu87YwZY63e4SxE9 . Near our campus there is a medical center of Prince Mohammed bin Nasser Hospital, https://goo.gl/maps/s8vFycvVBWK3YvXPA