Exit Exam

The EXIT EXAM is a test that the graduate passes in the last or penultimate year of graduation, the main objective of which is to evaluate the learning outcomes of the program (knowledge - skills - values)

Exit exam objectives

  • Measuring the extent to which the skills necessary for employment are achieved among the targeted students and required by the labor market.
  • Evaluating the quality of Program Learning outcomes.
  • Measuring a number of indicators related to the quality of teaching, learning and assessment and preparing related improvement plans
  • Raising the level of Jazan University graduates to achieve the requirements of the labor market and achieve competitiveness in the quality of outputs at the national, regional and international levels.
  • Contributes to supporting academic decision-making for specializations in universities and helps to adapt with the labor market

Exit exam university guide

Student rewards

  • The student is given a document from the university stating the performance of the test.
  • The top three students from each program are honored in an annual ceremony held at the university level.
  • Academic programs have the right to provide any other incentives they deem appropriate.

Student Lists

Exam date and place

  • Date: exam will be held according to the approved university calendar on Tuesday 15/2/2022 at 10 AM
  • College of Science for male section (Room1207)
  • College of Science for female section (Room BG-06 and BG-11)
  • Samtah University College (Room 606)

Solved models for EXIT Exams

Committees responsible for EXIT Exam

Exam Results