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The Alumni Committee is one of the committees of the Chemistry Department , concerned with the students expected to graduate, and the graduates scientifically, professionally, and socially. It is in its last formation based on the honorable assignment issued by His Excellency the Head of the Department, and it consists of Messrs.


Building bridges of relationship between the department and its students after graduation, and between the graduates themselves; This contributes to building a knowledge society.


Supporting communication between the department and its alumni, providing distinguished services to graduates, guiding them to enter the labor market, supporting the production and dissemination of their research, and facilitating their training and scholarship.


- Contribute to providing job opportunities for graduates of the department in the relevant private and public sectors; To assimilate them into the labor market, within the institutions related to the Arabic Language Department. - Providing a guide for the graduate; Help him enter the labor market. - Scientific and social communication between committee members and alumni. - Participation in scientific and research activities with relevant sectors. - Holding development courses. - Holding specialized workshops. - Encouraging communication between alumni and each other. - Encouraging communication between alumni and the community. - Supporting communication between enrolled students and alumni. - Developing a mechanism for continuous communication between the department and its alumni. - Developing and evaluating the relationship between the department and its alumni. - Supporting graduates in their field of work and places of employment. - Guiding graduates to the places that need them in the labor market. - The work of the Alumni Association of the department. - Development and growth: with the support and efforts of the unit members, then the support provided by the department, the college, the university, and the labor market. - Collaboration between alumni and alumni and other students. - Work in the spirit of cooperation between one team. - Transparency and honesty: through honest programs, not offering fake projects, and unreal jobs. - Providing all forms of guidance and counseling to graduates. - Supporting the advancement of the tasks of the committee members in all aspects that contribute to the improvement of work within the committee. - Building an information base with the names of the department's graduates and their data. - Holding meetings with the alumni of the department. - Interaction with the community through the alumni of the department. - Attracting employers to identify graduates through Career Day. - Announcing available jobs and possible job opportunities for graduates. - Collecting data and establishing databases that include biographies of prospective graduates and those who have graduated. - Giving priority to partner members to participate in the work and scientific studies held by the university and other related sectors. - Members have access to the periodical newsletter and alumni guide. - Communicate with the University's Alumni Center. - Inviting graduates to parties held by the department, college and university. - Supporting the advancement of graduates from the scientific, moral and social aspects. - Encouraging graduates to continue postgraduate studies and scientific research.

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