About Department

The decision to establish and activate the Department of Chemistry was in response to the university breakthrough towards scientific leadership and progress, to keep pace with the national needs of specialized and trained scientific cadres in the various fields of chemistry. The Department of Chemistry is one of the largest departments in the College of Science, and its teaching services are extended to a large segment of university students in a number of programs outside the College of Science, such as the College of Engineering and colleges of the health sector. The department uses modern technologies in teaching based on e-learning and the use of modern applications - such as the Blackboard application - to activate continuous communication with students and provide scientific and guidance support.


The pursuit of excellence in education, scientific research and community services


Providing educational and research services and building effective partnerships to serve the community in chemistry

Strategic goals

  • Provide comprehensive and effective education based on facilities and services in the department .
  • Enhance the utilization of Information technology in the department.
  • Activate and completion   the department annual plans.
  • Develop the capabilities  and skills of human resources in the department.
  • Provide a high-quality academic program based on modern educational strategies.
  • Increase support and development of scientific research and innovation in the various fields of chemistry.
  • Activate and strengthening the educational, research and training partnerships in the department.
  • Develop the learning outcomes of the program and develop the skills of faculty members and students.
  • Improve  the efficiency of the department's graduates.
  • Develop the department role in community service.


  • Citizenship, Affiliation, Responsibility, excellence, capacity building and teamwork