Head of Department

Dr.. Walid bin Mohammed Yahya Alameer

Head of Department Message


In The Name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful

Our Kingdom is witnessing comprehensive developmental renaissance, one of the main aspects of it is higher education, which is currently undergoing a qualitative leap. The establishment of Chemistry Department in the Faculty of Science at our esteemed University is one of the features of that overall balanced Renaissance. The Chemistry Department comes at the forefront of the University departments, due to its highly competent and internationally qualified cadres, in terms of both academic or research aspects and their achievements, which serve the university and the community to contribute in these effective developments and to join an accelerated pace of development. Currently, the department is providing academic supervision services for the corresponding sections, in addition to teaching chemistry in other faculties such as Engineering Faculty and Preparatory Program in Colleges of Medicine. The Department is currently developing study programs and plans for Bachelor’s degree, in addition to effective planning to introduce Post Graduate programs.