Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan for Chemistry Department

The establishment and activation of the Chemistry Department was in response to the breakthrough produced by the university towards scientific leadership and progress, to keep pace with the national needs of specialized and trained scientific cadres in the various fields of chemistry.

The department includes a constellation of professors in various branches of chemistry, and then there is a suitable scientific, educational and social environment for the development and expansion of the student’s capabilities and intellectual and practical abilities, to become a strong building block for the nation’s building and progress.

The efforts of all are combined to facilitate and develop the educational and research process that supports the department’s aspirations in its quest to obtain program accreditation. The Department of Chemistry at the Faculty of Science at Jazan University has been keen to develop its plan based on the strategic plan (2020-2025) for the college to meet the requirements of the local environment in the Jazan region and the requirements of the labor market. This plan was built in line with the strategic plan of the college, which is consistent with the university plan (2020-2025) and in light of the strategic objectives of the vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (2030) and in line with the strategic plan of the Ministry of Education and the requirements of the National Center for Academic Accreditation and Assessment and the university system. for more details, click here