Program Learning Outcomes

  Knowledge and Understanding:

K1 Describe various fundamental concepts and theories of physics and their effect in different fields of science and technology.
K2 Discuss physics phenomena using physics principles and scientific reasoning.



S1 Apply mathematical concepts, strategies, and procedures to solve problems in various fields of physics.
S2 Demonstrate analytical skills and competencies to formulate, drive and analyze physics concepts.
S2 Perform experiments in various fields of Physics and analyze their related data for various Physics parameters and quantities.
S4 Develop competencies in critical thinking, delivering scientific information, reporting, and data analysis.



V1 Develop abilities of teamwork, bear individual responsibilities on assigned tasks.
V2 Apply practices of life-long learning in various physics and scientific disciplines with ethical and social responsibilities for their professional career.
V3 Demonstrate awareness of safety and risk assessment when dealing with various materials and equipment.