Academic Advising


Striving to provide high-quality academic and psychological counseling services to students that contribute towards meeting their needs. Help them in adjusting and in dealing with various difficulties during the study period.


Excellence and leadership in providing academic and psychological guidance to students in solving their problems


  • Providing counseling services to help the faculty student achieve academic excellence and psychological well-being. Create awareness regarding handling of social, family and medical issues.
  • Spreading psychological awareness to reduce anxiety and prevent disorders and deal with them positively through (Programs, meetings, seminars, training courses).
  • Working to find solutions to the problems facing the student and related to her personal and social abilities and provide psychological and social support.
  • Desist from behavior and habits that violate university regulations and instructions.
  • Helping students to make the appropriate decision towards their successful future.
  • Adopting hobbies, cultivating talents, and nurturing leaders.
  • Developing students ’positive attitudes towards themselves and their society through volunteer work and training.
  • Developing an advisory system for students with special needs.


Academic Advising Forms


The Academic Advisor- Boys Sections

The Academic Advisor- Girls Sections