Department Manual

Handbook of Physics Department

This handbook has been prepared for t Physics  Department , College of Science Jazan University, Jazan. The manual contains all the information related with the department, more about  Handbook of Physics Department


Quality Management System (QMS)

This Quality Management Systems (QMS) has been developed in order to coordinate the quality assurance and accreditation activities and arrangements in the Physics Department with its Programs. The QMS sets out a range of principles, policies and procedures in which academic standards are assured and quality is enhanced. This is undertaken by developing an internal quality management system and coordinating the implementation of this system to align and become consistent with the National Centre for Academic Accreditation and Assessment (NCAAA) standards. It is the objective of the QMS to fulfil all the requirements set by NCAAA for accreditation. more about The Quality Management Systems (QMS)

Assessment plan of PLOs

This handbook provides the alignment and consistency of all the Assessment plan of PLOs of physics program For more information about the Assessment plan of PLOs, please click here