Graduation Project

The Undergraduate Research Project (URP)  integrates  physics students into the research community through mentioned  experiences in various application, for the general information about URP please click   The Undergraduate Research Projects Handbook


- The Undergraduare Research Projects List (URP)

Second Semester of the Academic Year 2022-23

Boys Section

  1. Thermoluminescence dosimeters

    • Faissal Al Otaifi
    • Supervisor:  Dr. Galib Souidi and Dr. Can Nurdogan
  2. Luminescence of phosphors

    • Ibrahim Maghfouri
    • Supervisor: Dr. Galib Souidi and Dr. Can Nurdogan
  3. Introduction to States of Light

    • Osama Otaif
    • Supervisor:  Dr. Yahya Al Ajlani and Dr Masroor Bukhari
  4. Possible effects of electromagnetic waves on human

    • Yahya Otaifi
    • Supervisor: Dr. Galib Souidi and Dr. Can Nurdogan
  5. Effect of dust accumulation on solar cell panels efficiency

    • Abdulla Ghanem Al Qissi
    • Supervisor:  Dr. Rachid Karmouch and Dr. Yahya Al Ajlani
  6. Designing a Grid Tied PV system for a building at Haroob region”

    • Turky Qiradi
    • Supervisor: Dr. Rachid Karmouch and Dr. Yahya Al Ajlani

Girls Section

  1. Study of Two-Dimensional material Photodetectors.

    • Fatima Hakami, Houda Ayashi and Razan Tmihy
    • Supervisor: Dr. Samar Ghopry
  2. Molecular Structural, Electronic Properties and Molecular Docking of Chromene Derivative D

    • Noura Trad, Emna Ali, and Hanen Sarkhi
    • Supervisor: Dr. Najet Aouled Dlala
  3. The electronic structure and optical properties of carbazole-based polymers: A theoretical investigation

    • Amani Bt and Ashwaq Al-Ghazwani
    • Supervisor Dr. Amel Azazi
  4. Spectroscopic Analysis of Metallic Nanoparticles

    • Tahani Almasri, Rua Mueafa, Laila Abu AlFadael, Riman Tumayhi, Khadija Tiri and Manar Alharbi
    • Supervisor: Dr. Aesha Muqri
  5. Study of Ferromagnetic nanoparticles

    • Rahf Jaafary, Hamama Hazmi and Shahd Al-Fifi
    • Supervisor: Dr. Hind Adawi
  6. A study of MuPix Sensor’s Performance in Preparation for Experiments at the Frontier of High Energy

    • Nujud Hamrany, Siham Shrayhily and Sara Tohry
    • Supervisor: Dr. Afaf Wasli
  7. Stability issues and challenges of perovskite solar cells (PSCs)

    • Halimah Al-Absi, Kawthar Hijri and Donia Musa
    • Supervisor: Dr. Manal Alhazmi
  8. Effect of an auxiliary plate in vertical channe

    • Bashayer Ali Tohari ,Reem Saad Rabie ,Salma Ali Majrashi
    • Supervisor:  Dr. Soumaya Teib
  9. Quantum Dot Intermediate Band Solar Cells

    • Ola Mongari, Amal Ghazwani, Ashwaq Flaihi and Thekra Ageely
    • Supervisor Dr. Najla Alnaami
  10. Variation of Mass flow rate in vertical channel

    • Eman Alshehry, Rehab Amoudi, Nahed Mubaraki
    • Supervisor: Dr. Soumaya Teib
  11. Recent significant advancements of perovskite solar cells (PSCs)

    • Aeshah Dhaafi, Afnan Aqili and Mead Tayri
    • Supervisor: Dr. Wafa Zari
  12. Study of Heterojunction Solar Cells

    • Atyaf Refaey, Al-Hanouf Hummedi and Kadygh Quemeeri
    • Supervisor: Dr. Hayet Mahdhi
    • Amal Machragi, Rouba. Khardali and Amal.Khaloufa
    • Supervisor: Dr. Mohja Jawadi
  14. Perovskites-Based Solar Cells Efficiency

    • Amnah A-Mahzari, Ashwaq Mijrabi and Rina Bajur
    • Supervisor:  Dr. Tahra Zleai
  15. Copper (I) oxide (Cu2O) based solar cells

    • Afrah Hakami and Afrah Zubayni
    • Supervisor: Dr. Tahira Zleai
  16. Measurement of Gamma-ray in Beach sand by using NaI(Tl) detect

    • Nawal Mahrazi and Ghada Kriry
    • Supervisor Dr. Entesar Elaraby
  17. Study of Gamma-Ray Emission in Soil with Different Parameters

    • Donia Hakami, Nora Khoubrany and Lamiss Soulaiman
      Supervisor: Dr. Entesar Elarab
  18. Detecting Natural Radioactivity Levels in Construction Materials

    • Aziza Tmihy, Kouloud Drib and Rinal Kliby
    • Supervisor Dr. Rihab Yajzi

First Semester of the Academic Year 2022-23

Boys Section

  1. Fundamental of Solar Cell

    • Abdulaziz Al-Huraisi
    • Supervisor:  Dr. Galib Souidi
  2. Phosphors for LED-based Solid-State Lighting Applications

    • Khaled Hadi Hakami
    • Supervisor Dr. Can Nurdogan

Girls Section

  1. Two dimensional Heterostructure based photodetectors.

    • Rahf Maajami, Alia Aaissa, Laila Daghiry, Rua Dhubab, Taguya Fissal, Aliya Jaafary
    • Supervisor: Dr. Samar Ghopry
  2. Molecular structure, Electronic properties and biologic activity of chrom D

    • Shahd Ghazwani, Nada Namazi, Nora Alborati, Hana Gouradi, Mnal Maghai
    • Supervisor: Dr. Najet Aouled Dlala
  3. Polymers used in optoelectronic devices

    • Athyr Hamzi, Hala Sabai, Dhahbah Bohkali, Alshiyma Mobjar
    • Supervisor Dr. Amel Azazi
  4. Mim Diodes for  Energy  Harvesting

    • Tahani Almasri, Rua Mueafa, Laila Abu AlFadael, Bayan Maqari, Tahani Dighriri, Nuf
      Aadii, Rihab Khalawi
    • Supervisor: Dr. Manal Alhazmi
  5. Natural convection in vertical channal

    • Afnan Mashreqi, Fidha Khawaji, Riham Amri, Dahma Ayashi
    • Supervisor: Dr. Soumaya Teib
  6. Type-I and Type-II Intermediate Band Solar Cell

    • Ahlam Al Hadary, Raytha Maghfuri, Awatif Nishili, Laila Mabrouk, Rola Biaiti, Shamayil
      Almalki, Rinad Sawadi
    • Supervisor: Dr. Najla Alnaami
  7. Measurement of Radioactive in Food
    • Mashaeil Tuhri, Rowa Mahaws, Afaf Altuwyti, Fatima Ayashi, Shahd Harbyn, Fatima
    • Supervisor: Dr. Entesar Elaraby


First Semester of the Academic Year 2021-22

Boys Section

  1. The Green hydrogen
    • علي يحيى احمد حريصي
    • Supervisor:  Dr. Mohamed Hawash
  2. Continues and Pulsed Laser Beam Modulation
    • العابد احمد احمد زيني
    • Supervisor: Dr. Abdelrahman  Mahdy
  3. Optical Phonons Analysis
    • يوسف حسين جابر العبدلي
    • Supervisor: Mohammed Bakr
  4. Temperature dependence on density of states and carrier concentrations of semiconductors
    • عبدالرحمن مفرح حسين الودعاني
    •  Supervisor:  Dr. Youessuf Pyar
  5. Solar cell technologies
    • ماجد حمد علي بهكلي
    • Supervisor: Dr. Yahya  Alajlani
  6. Solar cell technologiesOn Grid solar system design for a mosque at Jazan City
    • نشمي محمد شداد كديش
    •  Supervisor: Rachid k Karmouch
  7. Squeezed States of Light
    • تركي عبده سليمان الفيفي
    • Supervisor: Dr. Massror Bukhari

Girls Section

  1. Asteroid Collision with Earth
    • جميله ابراهيم بن جابر نجعي
    • Supervisor: Dr. Wafa  Zakri
  2. Detection of radioactive materials in the air in the girls' compound in the Mahaliya
    • هيفاء بنت علي بن حاج جرشبي مجرشي 'هدى فرحان ماطر المالكي'  ليلى موسى ابراهيم محزري
    • Supervisor: Dr. Entesar Hanfy El-Araby
  3. Optical Properties of Nanomaterials
    • عائشه احمد موسى صيرم,الهام عبد الوهاب احمد عبدالفتاح,نوف احمد ابراهيم عواف حمدي
    • Supervisor: Aesha Khudaysh Muqri
  4. Influence of deposition temperature on the properties of ZnO thin films
    • كوثر يحي احمد صفحي امنه احمد ابن علي هزازي
    • Supervisor: Dr. Hayet  Mahdhi
  5. Graphene for sensing applications
    • فاطمة صالح أحمد مجيري , شوقه عبدالله حسن العبسي ,فاطمه بنت احمد بن ناصر بن محمد الشريف
    • Supervisor: Dr. Taharh  Zelai
  6. 2D vdWs heterostructures(Gr/hBN heterostructures)
    • زهراء حسن بن عرار صهلولي ,نوال يحي علي محمد مسودي , ورده بنت علي بن ابراهيم بن محمد حكمي
    • Supervisor: Dr. Manal M. Alhazmi
  7. Properties of Porous Silicon
    • منال يحي خاطر الفيفي , زهراء بنت عطيه بن علي دومري
    • Supervisor: Dr. Majah  Aljuwadi
  8. Structural, electronic and vibrational properties of a derivative chromenen
    • صالحه بنت محمد علي شريجي غزواني, شذى بنت علي بن ابراهيم بن عبده عامري
    • Supervisor: Dr. Najet Aouled dlala
  9. Theoretical investigation on thiophene-benzothiadiazole based polymers
    • عواطف احمد حسن شراحيلي ,منار عابد موسي حسين شافعي
    • Supervisor: Dr. Amel Azazi
  10. Free convection in horizontal channel with porous blocks
    •  ندى بنت عبده بن احمد بن علي محزري , ساره بنت محمد بن يحيى بن محمد عياشي
    • Supervisor: Dr. Somaia  Tayeb
  11. Natural convection in vertical channel
    • صفيه علي احمد غزواني , أميرة بنت أحمد بن علي بن أحمد عجيبي
    • Supervisor:  Dr. Somaia H. Tayeb
  12. Graphene as a Material for Solar Cells Applications
    • فاطمة صالح أحمد مجيري, شوقه عبدالله حسن العبسي , فاطمه بنت احمد بن ناصر بن محمد الشريف
    • Supervisor: Dr. Taharh  Zela