Head of Department





                   Dr. Hussain Gebreal Athlawi

                                           Office: 2407

                                            Ext. 3830


Head of Department Message

Physics is one of the most fundamental scientific disciplines. It is the objective of the Department of Physics to contribute significantly to our country and society. Since its establishment in 2006, the Physics Department focuses on the three priorities from its mission statement:

Education: Various fields of physics (general physics, material physics, particle physics, optics, and atomic and nuclear physics at bachelor level. It also holds responsibility of teaching physics to other programs in other colleges in Jazan University, such as Medicine, Engineering, and Computer Science).

Research: The research and publication activities of the department are increasingly important and have been greatly improved due to the recently established graduate program starting at master’s degree level advancing to PhD level for those who wish to undertake focused research in a particular area of physics.

Community services: The department and its staff and students have made remarkable contributions to community service in and out of the campus.The Physics Department continues to supply the country with many top-quality graduates that serve in the private and public sector.

Physics is one of the most fundamental sciences. It is concerned with understanding the natural phenomena around us, studying the relationships between them, and gaining a greater understanding of matter, space, and time, as well as application of physics in various fields.

I hope the visitor can find in this site all the information they require about the Physics Department and its programs.