About The Department

The Department of Physics, Jazan University, is one of the reputed and world-class hubs of high-quality education and research in the Middle East region, backed by eminent international collaborations, memberships and the highest accreditation standards in the region as well as in the world. Established in 2006, the department immediately began offering a B.Sc. program in physics in addition to an intramural research program with four areas of specialization and a world-class faculty from all five continents of the world.

By the time department completed its ten years it had already been known all over the world for its yearly international frontiers in physics conferences as well as for its active membership in the world-leading CERN LHC CMS and U.S. Jefferson National Laboratory accelerators in addition to a contributing membership in an international quantum optics consortium. In a conspicuous manner, the department of physics at Jazan emerged as the most distinguished and active department of physics in the whole kingdom.  

With effect from 2019, after long deliberations and discussions, the department initiated a world-class Masters's program (M. Sc.) on the lines of top masters programs in the world, such as MIT, Berkeley and Harvard. In addition to nearly eight B. Sc. students graduating from the department with excellent bona fides, this year, 2022, four students will graduate with M. Sc. The department plans to enroll ten more students in the current academic year. The university is a member of a number of reputed international accreditation councils, assuring the highest possible standards in teaching and assessment, which is reflected by the strict compliance of the department to these standards. A number of committees in quality assurance and accreditation constantly monitor and coordinate in designing and executing teaching and examination activities.

During the last two years, the department has published several papers in the top journals of physics, especially in the Physical Review Letters and Physical Review C, and has become a contributing member of the Electron-Ion Collider, the world's new particle accelerator being built at the US Brookhaven National Laboratory, where Jazan University faculty took part in the design stages of the accelerator. On the lines of the contemporary academic and industry situation, the Jazan University physics department prepares students for both the target areas, imparting them the knowledge entailed for both graduate studies, to proceed to academic and research careers, or for technical programs and employment in the industrial as well as health and engineering sectors. Jazan university graduates are found in nearly all the reputed organizations and academia throughout the middle east and in some parts of the overseas regions



Physics program at Jazan University aspires to achieve excellence in physics education, scientific research and community service to become a leading Physics Program locally and globally.


Physics Program provides high quality education, research and innovation in the field of physics to contribute to the development of a dynamic society.

Strategic goals

  • 1.Provide distinct and high quality education and training for Bachelor of Physics
  • 2.Establish and maintain high-impact research infrastructure and environment in physics and related fields
  • 3. Provide outstanding community services that contribute to the development of society.


  • Citizenship, Affiliation, Responsibility, excellence, capacity building and teamwork