Strategic Plan

Based on the Kingdom’s vision 2030, the plan of the Ministry of Education and the university System, and according to the results achieved from the strategic plan of Jazan University 2015-2020, and in projection of the reality of university education in the Jazan region, the department of Physics at the Faculty of Science at Jazan University was keen to prepare its strategic plan 2025-2020, which keeps pace with the requirements of change in higher education and the needs labor market for man power in the current and future phase. Therefore, the Department of Physics was keen on preparing the strategic plan 2020-2025 and reviewing the vision, mission and values of the department, whereby the Scorecard Balanced methodology was followed as an effective system and a unified framework for strategic planning and performance management in line with the strategic plan of the university -2020-2025. The strategic plan of the Department of Physics was based on four Guidelines Strategy and Four Perspectives, which include ten strategic objectives measured through 46performance indicators.

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