Vice Deanship for Research and Development

Vice Dean for Research and Development

                         Dr. Hammad Bin Ghalib AlDayelah                        



About the Vice Deanship 

Supervising the development and quality processes, achieving accreditation standards and academic evaluation in the educational process in academic departments, controlling the quality of administrative work within the college, working to develop and improve performance in all aspects, and spreading its culture.

Units of the  Vice Deanship






Achieving the highest standards of excellence in applying the best quality practices. 


Create a culture of quality and excellence in The College of Nursing by monitoring and improving all activities related to Nursing Education, Research, Health Care and community services.

1. Monitor and support the implementation of the Strategic Plan for The College of Nursing and the operational plan for nursing program. 
2. Promote the culture of quality in The College of Nursing among staff, employees, administrators and students.
3. Monitor and improve the quality of governance and administration of The College of Nursing.
4. Monitor and improve the quality of teaching and learning and all related matters in The College of Nursing at Undergraduate levels.
5. Monitor and improve the quality of scientific research in The College of Nursing and assuring that it is conducted in accordance to the International Ethical Guidelines.
6. Lead, support, and follow the accreditation of The College of Nursing in the spirit of using accreditation as a quality improvement tool.
7. Suggest, support, organize, and evaluate all new quality improvement initiatives in The College of Nursing.


Vice Deanship Tasks

- Dedicating the concept of quality and spreading its culture at the college level

Supervising the implementation of the quality program in the college

Supervising the performance appraisal in the college

Supervising the implementation of the academic evaluation and accreditation program

Supervising the work of the Information Technology Unit 

 Studying the difficulties or problems facing development and quality programs and proposing solutions to  them

Determining the specialized training needs of faculty members in the academic departments of the college and coordinating with the Deanship of Skills Development in their implementation

Encouraging faculty members to participate in attending the courses, training programs and workshops offered by the Deanship of Skills Development

- Supervising the preparation of a plan to develop the skills of the faculty members, staff and students

Supervising the use of technologies, e-learning, educational media, and distance education in education


Vice Deanship Authority 


1. Recommending the appointment of supervisors of units and departments affiliated to it                                                                                                                                                                     

2. Addressing the relevant authorities inside and outside the university regarding the mandate and scope of the vice deanship's work                                                                                                                 

3. Issuing internal decisions required for the proper functioning of the vice deanship and its units in accordance with the rules and regulations, and evaluating the performance of the employees                                        

4. Raising requests for exchange from the vice deanship’s budget and custody in accordance with the regulating administrations 

5. Submitting the regular and emergency leave requests for employees of the units affiliated with the vice deanship to the Dean of the College

Vice Deanship Members

Name Designation Email Telephone Extension
Dr. Hammad Bin Ghalib AlDayelah Vice Dean

0173295000 5576

Mr. Abdullah Hamdi


0173295000 1501