Quality effectiveness and program accreditation

09 Rabi’ Al-Thani 1442

The College of Engineering at Jazan University, represented by the Vice Dean for Development, organized an event entitled “Quality and Accreditation of Engineering Programs” on the occasion of the International Quality Day 2020, in the presence of the Vice-Dean for Academic Affairs and the Vice-Dean for Development Entrepreneurship and a number of guests and attendees from the faculty.

The International Academic College of Development, University and Academic Program, Abdul Latif, and accordingly, and accordingly, begins.

After that, a faculty member at Najran University, Dr. Muhammad Al-Sharjabi, “through video communication,” a presentation on the quality of academic programs in accordance with the requirements of international accreditation ABET and its most important standards and features.

After that, Jazan University Vice Dean for Academic Affairs, Dr. Hassan Ishaq, delivered a speech in which he stressed the excellence of the College of Engineering through the spirit of one team, stressing the need for continuity of excellence as well as achieving ABET academic accreditation requirements.

Meanwhile, the Vice-Rector for Development and Entrepreneurship, Dr. Nayef Azeibi, confirmed that the university views the College of Engineering as the first house of expertise, praising the harmony among its team members through what has been done and what is being worked on in the quality and development aspects of the college.

At the end of the event, distinguished faculty members were honoured at the level of quality and development. The college also presented memorial shields to the university's vice dean for academic affairs, development and entrepreneurship for their attendance and honor for the event.