About the Department

The specialization of architecture in our contemporary world is one of the most important scientific and applied disciplines that drive the growth of the economy based on knowledge because the technological development in many areas of life has hardly become devoid of reliance on what the architecture specialization contributes to establishing a distinct imprint that achieves urban development. With the beginning of the twenty-first century, tremendous progress was noticed in the applied outputs of architecture, and the remarkable revolution it brought about.

Department Vision

The vision of the Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering   Program at the College of Engineering in Jazan University is to ensure providing distinguished education experiences achieving the highest Architecture Architectural Engineering education standards that contribute to the vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2030.


Department Mission

To build vital Architectural Engineering community in Southern region of Saudi Arabia and beyond through:
•    Providing competent academic education with the spirit of ethics, responsibility and collaboration.
•    Meeting the needs of the local and international labor market 
•    Boosting the graduates’ lifelong development skills in the areas of Architectural Design, sustainability, building technology and building information 

الخدمات الإلكترونية


The College of Engineering at Jazan University, represented by the Vice Dean for Development, organized an event entitled “Quality and Accreditation of Engineering Programs” on the occasion of the International Quality Day 2020, in the presence of

10 Rabi’ Al-Thani 1442

The Quality and Academic Accreditation Unit holds the ABET International Academic Accreditation Workshop On Wednesday morning, March 25, 1442, the Quality and Academic Accreditation Unit of the College held a lengthy workshop in the college’s meeting

27 Rabi’ Al-Awwal 1442