Jazan University President inaugurates the computer lab and studio of the College of Medicine

23 Safar 1443

Jazan University: Media Department

His Excellency the President of Jazan University, Prof. Dr. Mar’ei bin Hussein Al-Qahtani, confirmed that medical students at the university are a source of pride for us, and this is evident through the results of the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties exams, during which the graduates of the College of Medicine achieved a success rate of 92%, in addition to the successes recorded by medical students in their scholarship studies and research projects.

His Excellency added that arming students with science and knowledge of the latest technologies from computers, laboratories and modern curricula is a contributing factor to the competence of graduates. This is what distinguishes Jazan University graduates in health specialties in general and the College of Medicine in particular.

This came during the inauguration of a number of facilities and equipment at the College of Medicine, including the computer lab and the College of Medicine studio, in the presence of the Vice Dean for Academic Affairs, Dr. Hassan bin Abdullah Ishaq, the Dean of the College of Medicine, Dr. Anwar Makin, and the college students and administrators.

His Excellency began the visit with the opening of the computer lab and listened to an explanation of the most prominent contents of the lab and its importance in educating the students of the College of Medicine through this lab.

Then he inaugurated the College of Medicine studio and became acquainted with the television studio and the photographic studio and what it offers to medical students, during which he interacted with the college students. He was apprised of the preparations to host the 24th meeting of heads and directors of higher education institutions of the GCC, in addition to the achievements of university students in the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties exams, and the efforts of the university in combating the Coronavirus through the Vaccine Centers and mobile vehicles and their active contribution to the community.

His Excellency concluded the tour by signing in the college’s honor roll and posting patriotic expressions in the college’s celebration of the National Day. He thanked all the staff of the College of Medicine, wished them success.​