Lecture on the concept of allegiance in Islam at Jazan University

09 Rajab 1442

His Excellency the President of Jazan University, Prof. Dr. Mar’ei bin Hussein Al-Qahtani, commenced the lecture “The concept of allegiance in Islam and its impact on achieving intellectual security” which was organized by the Intellectual Awareness Unit at the university and delivered by the Head of the Islamic and Judicial Affairs Committee of the Shoura Council, Sheikh Prof. Dr. Ali bin Muhammad Al-Shahrani yesterday evening via video conferencing for university students, in the presence of University officials, faculty members, and a number of community members.

The University President explained the importance of initiating such programs to enhance belonging to the homeland and loyalty to its wise leadership, stressing that the university continues to implement many such activities aimed at protecting young men and women from deviant and extremist ideas, and the importance of preserving national cohesion and implanting tolerant Islamic principles in the minds of our youth.

After that, the Supervisor of the Intellectual Awareness Unit at the University, Prof. Dr. Muhammad bin Ahmed Khadhi, presented a brief summary of the lecturer and his biography related to his scientific and practical work. 

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