The meeting of the national affiliation for the students of Jazan University

23 Jumada Al-Alkhirah 1442

Jazan University: Media Department

Jazan University, represented by the Intellectual Awareness Unit, organized a meeting entitled “University Student.. and National Belonging” “from a distance” as part of the celebrations for the 90th National Day, delivered by a consultant psychiatrist at the College of Medicine and a member of the Standing Committee for Intellectual Awareness, Dr. Musa Zaala, yesterday evening, Wednesday.

The meeting touched on the most important psychological and social needs of young people and their need for psychological and social belonging in the family and society, noting that national belonging comes from pride in the country's religious, Islamic and moral identity on which this country has been based since the unification of its parts at the hands of the founder, may God forgive him, and participate in the progress of the country and contribute to its development. Building its civilization, scientific excellence and academic progress are among the best works in which the student serves his country, preserving and protecting public properties from tampering with, and keeping away from deviant and extremist ideas, ideas of atheism, and ideas that fight religion and morals, which are the most precious possessions of the nation.

For his part, the supervisor of the Intellectual Awareness Unit at the university, Prof. Dr. Muhammad bin Ahmed Khadi, indicated that this lecture comes within the unit’s contributions to immunizing the people of this country from university students, and upgrading them to serve their religion and their homeland, stressing that the protection of thought is the safety valve of society and in which the right is distinguished. It is false, pointing out that the demand of university students to attend such lectures is a source of pride for the university and evidence of their religious and national awareness.

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