About the General Preparation Materials Unit

The Department of Islamic Culture was established at the beginning of its inception in the name of the Department of Islamic Studies at the College of Teachers, and with the establishment of the College of Education at Jazan University, and within the framework of the restructuring of teachers’ colleges in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by the decision issued by the Higher Education Council No. 10/50/1429 on 10/7/1429 AH, named In the name of the Department of Islamic Culture, it is affiliated with the College of Education, and it teaches four Islamic culture courses, and the department’s ultimate goal was to provide university students with scientific and legal knowledge and skills according to a balanced curriculum between the constants of religion and the developments of the times.

That the unit be a distinguished scientific environment for forensic sciences, teaching and research, in accordance with the considered educational and professional quality standards, in order to build legally qualified cadres aware of the contemporary changes that are suitable for the labor market.

The unit seeks to achieve the following objectives:
Instilling the correct ethical, belief and behavioral foundations in the unit students; To be able to work constructively in their communities and countries.
- Forming a balanced scientific personality in a deep and comprehensive understanding of the Noble Qur’an and the honorable Sunnah of the Prophet and the legal rulings deduced from them.
Introducing the foundations of Islamic civilization and highlighting the characteristics of the Muslim community towards issues of family, society, politics and the economy... through general preparation materials.
Preparing specialists in Sharia sciences who are qualified to know the rule of God Almighty in all new matters of Sharia, economic, social and administrative life.
Preparing Islamic research and studies aimed at serving Islam and Muslims.
Finding appropriate Islamic solutions to the problems raised by man-made theories and systems.

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