The conclusion of the Third Dental Convoy at Jazan University

03 Ramadan 1442

The conclusion of the Third Dental Convoy at Jazan University

Jazan University: Media Department

The number of beneficiaries of the College of Dentistry’s reached 11,996, after the conclusion of its third session.

The Dean of the College of Dentistry, Dr. Haitham Fakih, explained that reaching out to students and educating them about oral and dental health amid the exceptional circumstances of the Coronavirus pandemic was one of the most important priorities of the campaign to serve the community, under the guidance and follow-up of the University President, Dr. Mar'ei Al-Qahtani.

Dr. Fakih indicated that the caravan for this year provided its services over a period of 3 weeks and achieved its goals by reaching approximately 12,000 students through the Madrasati platform, by presenting social awareness and educational programs to create awareness regarding the importance of teeth, especially primary school students in 44 schools in Jazan district and its governorates, in addition to 5 private schools.

Dr. Fakih added that the convoy focused during this year on providing educational materials and launching an electronic application to follow up the daily brushing of the child and also providing the facility for receiving medical consultations via the medical consultation email in addition to registering appointments at the dental clinics in the college.

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