Discussion of the master's thesis of the student Fatima bint Muhammad Hussein Habib

01 Ramadan 1444

The master's thesis of the student "Fatima bint Muhammad Hussein Habib" was discussed and tagged with (bio-manufacturing and studying the antimicrobial activity of silver nanoparticles using the plant Senna italica from the Jazan region), and that was discussed last Wednesday, 2 Dhu al-Qi`dah 1443 AH. Corresponding to 1-6-2022 AD. Supervision of each of Prof. Dr. Imad Abdel Moneim Muhammad Abada and Dr. Khatib Sayed Ismail. The discussion and judgment committee on the thesis consisted of:

1- Prof. Emad Abdel Moneim Mohamed Abada (supervisor and rapporteur)

2 - Prof. Dr. Salah Ali Mustafa Talib (discusser)

3 - Dr. Yousra Ahmed Muzaffar (Discusser)

After conducting a public discussion and after consultation and deliberation, the committee decided to recommend granting the student a master's degree in microbiology.