Antibiotics awareness lecture

01 Ramadan 1444

The Department of Biology at the College of Science - female section - held an antibiotic awareness event. This is in order to raise awareness of the reasons for using antibiotics (for humans and animals) and the resulting bacterial resistance. Her Excellency Dr. Yusra bint Ahmed Muzaffar conducted an awareness lecture on the nature of antibiotics and bacterial resistance and the origin and importance of each of them. The participating students also displayed posters for the event, distributed awareness brochures, and presented a live practical demonstration of how to test the sensitivity of bacteria to antibiotics. Diagrams showing the structure of the bacterial cell and explaining the mechanism of its resistance to antibiotics were also shown. The event touched on the latest global statistics on the prevalence of bacterial resistance. It concluded with the most important practices that should be avoided by the individual and society to prevent the development and exacerbation of the risk of bacterial resistance and stress the importance of activating the role of the individual to follow the best practices in order to reduce bacterial resistance.