Jazan University surgeons Dr. Yahya Khormi and Dr. Ali Sumaili remove a hemangioma without a surgical incision

03 Rajab 1444

Jazan University: Media Department

Jazan University praised its medical staff after the neurosurgery consultant, Dr. Yahya Kharami, and the otolaryngologist, Dr. Ali Sumaili, managed to remove a hemangioma by endoscope through the nose without resorting to a surgical incision for a patient.

The Dean of the College of Medicine, Dr. Anwar Makin, the Executive Director General of the University Hospital at Jazan University, appreciated the support of the President of the University, Dr. Mar’ei bin Hussein Al-Qahtani, and his continuous directives to make every effort to serve the region and the country in general, in a way that translates the aspirations of the wise leadership and the directives of His Highness the Governor of Jazan region in serving the health care sector in the region.