Training program in CPR and First Aid at Jazan University

15 Rabi’ Al-Thani 1444

Jazan University: Media Department

The Simulation and Life Support Unit at the Faculty of Medicine, in cooperation with the University Security and the Deanship of Human Resources, conducted a training program in cardiopulmonary resuscitation and First Aid. The Unit’s Supervisor, Dr. Hassan Moshbri was also present during the training program which aims to train all university security personnel on emergency cases that might be encountered at work, how to deal with them, and provide urgent care in order to save lives.

For his part, the Dean of the College of Medicine, Dr. Anwar Makin, informed that the training program shall last for (13 weeks), which will be provided by the trainers of the Simulation and Life Support Unit at the College of Medicine and targets the university security personnel to deal with emergency cases. He thanked the President of the University, Prof. Mar’ei bin Hussein Al-Qahtani for supporting the program and his permanent directives to develop the occupational safety and health system.

The course started with a presentation of video clips on CPR, then the trainers gave an explanation of the CPR method. The course included first aid methods, how to deal with cases, some general instructions and practical training on CPR and first aid.