Jazan University Innovation Center participates in the Global Entrepreneurship Week symposium at Jazan Chamber

26 Rabi’ Al-Thani 1443

Jazan University: Media Department 

The Supervisor of the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Jazan University, Dr. Omaima Al-Badri, participated in the entrepreneurship symposium presented by the Jazan Chamber on the occasion of the International Day of Entrepreneurship, the Institute of Entrepreneurship, and the Human Resources Development Fund “Hadaf” in the Jazan region.
During the symposium, Dr. Al-Badri explained the role played by the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, to university employees, students and entrepreneurs in the region. She also mentioned the facilities it provides to support entrepreneurship and innovation in cooperation with various funding agencies in the region and abroad, such as the Social Development Bank and the Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property And others. The center provides consultations in the field of innovations, entrepreneurship and registration of intellectual property rights, in addition to providing offices and shared and private work spaces for entrepreneurs.

Dr. Al-Badri pointed out the importance of launching the Prince Mohammed bin Salman non-profit city project as the first city of its kind in the world, and its expected global role in developing the non-profit sector, which would be an incubator for creativity and innovation in non-profit institutions, including schools and academies.

Dr. Al-Badri confirmed that the Kingdom is witnessing a great development in the field of supporting and facilitating entrepreneurship within an integrated ecosystem that supports and overcomes difficulties and encourages creativity and innovation.


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