Jazan University introduces a College Performance Management Program

05 Sha’ban 1442

His Excellency the President of Jazan University, Prof. Dr. Mar’ei bin Hussein Al-Qahtani, praised the efforts of the employees of the College of Medicine in utilizing the resources and skills to develop and raise the standard of academic and administrative performance. This came during his sponsorship of the introductory meeting organized by the College of Medicine on the Performance Management Program for university colleges at the Colleges of Computer Science and Engineering auditorium this morning in the presence of University Vice Presidents and College

The Dean of the College of Medicine, Dr. Anwar Makeen pointed out that an urgent need for such work arose as a result of the availability of a lot of primary data that are not interconnected. It necessitated linking of the multi-source data to provide a unified and integrated view of the college data and transforming it into useful data that could contribute towards improving the institutional performance, predictions and enhancing the capacity.