Activating the basics of first aid in the Samtah Applied College (Samtah University College (formerly))

23 Safar 1444

The University College of Samtah (formerly), in cooperation with the First Aid Unit at the General Hospital in Samtah, activate the "Basics of First Aid" course, under the supervision and implementation of members of the Saudi Red Crescent Authority and in cooperation with the General Hospital in Samtah. The course targeted the college students and its affiliates, and an awareness corner was organized to raise awareness of the importance of first aid and its benefit to the individual and society. The goal of first aid was also clarified, which is to preserve life and save lives, prevent further damage and maintain the stability of injured cases before the arrival of specialists, which enhances their recovery later. This has shown the first aid steps, which dealt with several such as:

1- The pulse and breathing stop in cases of fainting.

2- Cases of suffocation for all ages and pregnant women

3- How to act in cases of stroke and heart attack.


At the end of the course, there was a practical application that allowed the attendees to apply what was mentioned, and they also had an opportunity to discuss their queries and questions. This session was well received and appreciated by the attendees.

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