The research program (Building the Emerging Researcher) in its second session at the Applied College of Samtah

18 Safar 1444

The Agency for Research and Development at the Samtah Applied College (Samta University College - formerly) launched the research program (Building the Emerging Researcher) in its second session. This program specifically targets female students enrolled in the graduation project course in all existing academic departments in the college, as well as those interested in scientific research. The program aims to provide students with basic research skills and provide them with theoretical knowledge that qualifies them to pass the course with high efficiency and excel in the research field. The program contains a number of lectures and training workshops that will be presented by a distinguished elite of faculty members in the college to transfer their research expertise to the students. Field visits to research centers and laboratories at the university will also be organized to inform young researchers about the most important research devices and modern technologies. The training program will extend to the seventh week of the current semester (20231). This program deals with several main axes, including discussing the importance and principles of scientific research, and introducing the Saudi Digital Library as a source of information, which is considered a wealth of knowledge and a beacon of knowledge. Strategies that help the researcher to read scientific papers and summarize the most important information in them, how to design and write scientific research with its various methodologies, and design research tools such as questionnaires, which are important research tools will be discussed. The program also focuses on developing the technical research skills of the students, such as the use of the Excel program and its statistical analysis, and the use of the Mendely program to document research references in a scientific way. The program also deals with training students on the skills of technical and scientific design of research results and presenting them in the form of a presentation or a scientific poster, with a focus on communication skills with the public while presenting the results and various presentation skills. The program opened with a valuable lecture presented by Dr. Ibrahim Al-Rifai, which dealt with the concept of scientific research, which is a set of organized efforts carried out by the researcher using the scientific method, to increase his control over his environment, discover its phenomena, and determine the relationships between these phenomena. He also touched on the importance of scientific research and its effective role in developing societies. After that, the most important goals and principles of scientific research were discussed, then the characteristics of scientific research and the characteristics of the scientific researcher. The meeting was concluded by discussing and answering the questions received from the students present.

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