A workshop entitled "Achieving Quality in Building Test Vocabulary" at the Samtah Applied College

29 Rabi’ Al-Awwal 1444

The Vice Deanship for Research and Development at the Samtah Applied College, represented by the Quality Unit, carried out a workshop entitled Achieving Quality in Building Test Vocabulary. Targeted faculty members and implemented by d. Rabab Tantawi. It dealt with main axes that included the definition of the nature of the test and its objectives, the foundations and principles of evaluation, and the criteria and steps for building a good test. The types of tests, types of test questions, and technical specifications in achievement tests were also discussed. The criteria for constructing the test item of its various types (objective and essay) were also reviewed.
The workshop also dealt with the presentation of the model approved by the Quality Unit at the college to assess the quality of the test paper in terms of formal and technical terms, the diversity of test questions and their comprehensiveness of the course learning outcomes, and the statistical analysis of test questions.